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Silat Sharaf Tactical
Get access to some of the deadliest fighting techniques 
on earth -- from an instructor who's actually used them
Three reasons you must join Silat Sharaf Tactical
Free Training Media 
We give you two street-lethal training videos as soon as you signup: emptyhand combat and close-quarter knife combat. With those two videos alone, you will have enough hardcore tactics to handle the majority of adversaries you'll meet on the street. We give you that free just for signing up so you can learn to protect YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY IMMEDIATELY.
"Silat Sharaf has taught me to out-strategize career criminals but also have the combat skills to back it up.”

Chris Harrison 
High-security Corrections Officer, New Zealand

A Pound Of Experience Is Worth A Ton Of Technical Skills
I'm Ustaz Hussein and I'm the founder of Silat Sharaf Tactical. Before I became a world-respected combatives instructor and paramedic I was hardcore on the streets with gangs. Guns, knives, fighting, and violence are second-nature to me. I left that life behind long ago....but I never left the lessons I learned in that life that formed the basis of Pencak Silat Sharaf -- one of the deadliest combat training systems on the planet. I'm sharing the hard-earned lessons of my life to help you better protect yourself and your family from street predators.

"Something you don't see in most martial arts pages, learned this stuff in the Marines. Great info."
Hakim Ahmed
Marine Special Forces (RET), Egypt
2-time Naga Heavyweight Grappling Champion
With Silat Sharaf Tactical you can WEAPONIZE YOUR MMA
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Free Knowledge Base
Our team of professional paramedics, Silat combatives instructors, firearms instructors, close-protection specialists, and corrections officers create amazing knowledge content for you on a weekly basis. We give it to you free and with love so you can take your training to beast levels.
"Some of the toughest combat training I've ever done."
Colin Pau
Combat Medic (RET), Singapore
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Wondering if you need such hardcore training? Watch the video and get a dose of REALITY your local martial arts school will never show you
With all this crazy shit going on in the world, our team at Silat Sharaf Tactical is working hard to help you stay safe and learn how to survive a real attack. There are enough dumbass martial arts instructors parading around like they know what they’re doing. But in actual fact they have NO REAL EXPERIENCE -- and learning from them is like asking a 6-year-old for driving lessons because he's fast on his bicycle. 

Join Silat Sharaf Tactical today and get 

- Free media every week
- Free Knowledge Base articles
- Free Silat Sharaf training videos

and learn the most effective armed and unarmed combat techniques from people with real experience behind them. We give you this free. Isn't your life worth fighting for? Join the tribe now.

"Straight forward education on how to stay alive."
Ebrihim Raheem 
Combat Medic (RET), USA
2017 Silat Sharaf Tactical
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